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How We Work

How We Work

At BNCC, we fuse human ingenuity, instinct and originality with analysis, knowledge based processes. It helps client’s asses the market whilst bringing out a creative mix of achievable goals.Our dynamic team operate in ways to customize our services for specific clients.

Member Benefit

BNCC links you with an emerging market of Nepal. Join us and connect with people, ideas and resources to boost your business, professional and personal success. Your participation supports a healthy business climate and a vibrant economy for your business and our country.

You benefit from:

Networking & Referrals- BNCC will help you connect to businesses in the city of Kathmandu.
Outreach & Visibility- We put you in the spotlight, from promoting your events, sharing your news, and posting special offers we help register your business in the local neighborhood.
Business Advocacy- We advocate for your business and provide opportunities for partners to connect and engage with elected officials, and political leaders. We do everything important to your business.